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Miss Meow Cat-girl

Miss Meow will tame even the wildest ally cat!

A three piece set comprising of, Cat pointy ears in shiny satin, and black fluffy fur.

The lockable collar is made in beautiful soft real leather and covered with the same fluffy fur. It has a D-ring at the front with a jingle bell attached.

The fluffy bendy tail fits onto an elastic waist band, which makes for an easy fit for everyone.

This outfit includes these 3 things:

  • Cat point ears headband
  • Leather collar with fur and bell
  • Bendy tail

The model is also wearing, but please note, NOT included in the three piece set are our Zena PVC Bra, Tanga style PVC panties, Angelina Net Gloves, and 6.5" Xenon Skyscapers shoes.

Miss Meow Cat-girl

Miss Meow Cat-girl

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