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5" Lockable Sweetie Shoes

Our 5" lockable Sweetie shoes are simply wonderful, we have thought of everything and mostly your comfort, with plenty of room at the toe area, and padding on the inside of the heel so no worries of blisters, when wearing them for long periods of time.

These gorgeous 5" heels feature a 3cm platform and push your posture forward a little, into a more docile, serving pose! So they keep you looking controlled and submissive!

They have a loop at the heel for which a wide ankle strap slips through, with a small metal D ring on one end and slits on the other, that fits over the D ring and a padlock placed and locked. (please note padlock is not included)

A satin lace tied into a pretty bow at the front, and a PVC bow at the toe of the shoe to complete the look.

Ankle locks: the ankle locks can be made with a choice of slit-straps or lockable buckles! (padlocks not included).

Please note that our shoes are hand made in-house by master craftsmen, using the FINEST QUALITY materials! If you have been disappointed by Chinese junk made from plastics and synthetic linings, you will LOVE our leather-lined, padded insole shoes! Brand-name quality at a fraction of the price!

5" Lockable Sweetie Shoes

5" Lockable Sweetie Shoes

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